Saturday, 25 May 2013

Review- Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Cyber Purple 46

I think this is THE BEST permanent hair dye in existence!

Mind you, I rarely use permanent dyes that are not by Schwarzkopf; probably the main reason being that I mainly read very positive reviews about them.

I have actually used this hair dye before 

First time using Cyber Purple. It was over the top of previously bleached blonde hair.

Hell yeah, it looks just like it does on the box! 

(Current) Box packaging of Live Color XXL Cyber Purple


So how did my most recent adventure with cyber purple turn out?


Ash Blonde hair (Nice 'n Easy 106)


After using Cyber purple
And I love it!!!

The Verdict

Were the instructions easy to understand for the mixing?

Yes, I always find the 1:1 mixing ratio of Schwarzkopf hair dyes brilliantly straight-forward 5/5

Was the application straight-forward?

I found it quite easy. The mixture started changing my hair pinky-purple after only just the first 5 minutes. It progressed to get darker during the 30 minute development time. 5/5

Did the included conditioner work very well?

 I love the conditioner. Unfortunately they now do not put the conditioner in a resealable and re-usable tube like they used to. You can not re-seal the small sachet of conditioner that they now provide, but, for the conditioner itself I reckon a 5/5

Do I like the end result?

Gorgeous! Far more purple than I expected! I just wish that it could also manage to dye my dark brown roots. It had absolutely no effect on my roots. To be fair, my naturally hair color is stubbornly dark and INCREDIBLY close to being almost black in some lighting. 4/5

My roots and dandruff

Overall Rating

5+5+5+4 =19

Divide that by 4 


To the nearest whole number, I would rate this 5/5

Would I use this again? Definitely. Just next time in the near future, I might try out a dye that is recommended for dark brown hair (cyber purple is recommended for medium blonde to medium brown hair).

Thanks for reading


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